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House Rules

Anything from 3.5 core books is fair game. 3.0 core is probably also fine in most cases, but you should check with me just in case. Non-core is permissible only rarely and with special permission.

Players may also feel free to create their own original prestige classes, and use them with my approval, though this is a delicate art and is not for the faint of heart.


Our original party first gathered together on Sunday, 31st Crembed, 1651, at a tavern in Palate Town, Melora.

It is currently Tuesday, 16th Ranji, 1652.

The months are: Ranji, Freb, Chakra, Parli, Mit, Ju, Ji, Geas, Napta, Burch, Novelus, Crembed.

(Note that, for simplicity’s sake, the game calendar is identical to our Gregorian calendar, with the exception of the months’ names, though even those are loosely derived from their English names as a mnemonic.)

The Blanes