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  • Sol

    Killed by [[:lolita | Lolita]] in [[:jester | Jester]]'s Honeycomb dungeon. [[:shade | Shade]] holds Sol's chrysalis.

  • Granite

    A wizard of the [[Order of Elacs]]. Lives at the top of Wizen Peak on Mount Mera. He travelled with the party for a short time before getting fed up with them and returning to his home.

  • Aurora

    A [[Winged One]] who lives in Harpia on Mount Mera. She is an experienced grafter, and she is determined to find a cure for the [[Dark Rot]] through her biochemical research, so that she can undo the evil wrought upon her friends and live in peace once …

  • Petrie

    A wizard of the [[Order of Elacs]]. Lives in a cave in the swampland east of Palate Town. He is more than happy to help out those who aid him with the Order's quest, namely for teleportation purposes; though it may occasionally take him some time to …

  • Ophelius

    Leader of the giant eagles who live atop Mount Mera. He is hospitable but also cautious, and he has very little trust in visitors. He requires anyone who wants to stay the night in the nesting grounds to leave their gear on the outskirts of the eyrie.

  • Balaba

    Balaba is the right-hand man to Ophelius, leader of the giant eagles. Their relationship is unknown.

  • Tesiri

    Tesiri is the wife of Ophelius, leader of the giant eagles. She typically greets any visitors and make them feel at home (that is, for as long as they are welcome).

  • Kraan

    A child of unspecified giant eagles. Lives in the eyrie on Mount Mera. Kraan has taken a liking to [[:teleia-mohr | Teleia Mohr]], though she chose not to take him from his home.

  • Tarken March

    Tarken is the son of [[:darren-march | Darren March]], and heir to the throne of Melville under Wizen Peak. He typically greets visitors to the city and shows them around on a guided tour.

  • "V"

    The mysterious, evil wizard known only as "V" claims to be a part of the [[Order of Elacs]]; it is probable that the dark magic in the Info Cube (which he held onto out of greed) corrupted his spirit and turned him rogue. He then went on to capture and …

  • Daarunk

    Daarunk is a dwarven blacksmith of noble status, who resides in Melville under Wizen Peak. He is an alcoholic, and is often found frequenting taverns on the sub-tier after hours.

  • Jester

    Jester is a trickster, and the mind behind the Tower of Mystery and the Honeycomb dungeon underneath it. He often speaks in rhymes.

  • The Denamed

    These three "followers" were freed from one of the prisons of Harpia by [[:minato | Minato]], whereupon they joined up with the party mainly because they couldn't remember who they used to be. The evil wizard [[:v | "V"]] had removed their memories with …

  • Darren March

    Darren, father of [[:tarken-march | Tarken March]], is the venerable high priest of Melville. The party has never met Darren.

  • Count Dracula

    Count Dracula is the head vampire of the vampire horde that inhabits the mysterious castle (northeast of Palate Town) that appears only once every hundred years. Naturally, he too is mysterious.

  • Ignie

    A wizard of the [[Order of Elacs]]. Lives in the basement of a church in Palate Town. Ignie is generally gruff and uninviting. He allows ambitious adventurers into his room for business prospects, but he rarely smiles and is not one for chit-chat. He …

  • Oracle

    Near the peak of Domus Diaboli, the dormant volcano on Mount Mera, resides the wise man known only as "the Oracle." His knowledge is apparently all-encompassing, and he is usually willing to share it with those who come to him, provided they have honest …

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