Melora is the largest and most populated nation of Komak’sa.

Its most distinctive feature is Mount Mera, an enormous mountain situated near the centre of the nation. The majority of the east side of the mountain is dominated by an impassable cliff. Atop the cliff (on the east side) is Blink Plateau, and on the western slope of the mountain is the vast desert known only as The Waste.

Near the centre of Mount Mera jut up twin peaks. The northern one is known as Wizen Peak, and dug out within it is a huge complex of caverns, accessible by lift. Most notable of these are the dwarven city of Melville (short for Marchalagargorothintesinalta-ville; infamous for its system of tiers and mine-carts), and the home of Granite, a wizard of the Order of Elacs (located at the highest point). The southern peak is actually a dormant volcano, known as Domus Diaboli; it houses a variety of mephits and a clutch of red dragons.

Between these twin peaks is the village known as Harpia, which is home to harpies, as well as Winged Ones who immigrated to Melora from the Isle of the Sacred Mountain in the faraway Land of the Green Isles. Nearby are the nesting grounds for the local giant eagles. Various aboveground caverns are scattered over the mountain; those with soapwort growing around the entrance are rumoured to provide sanctuary from one’s enemies. The harpies have also built prisons along the eastern cliffside in which to harbour their captives.

To the west of Mount Mera is the vast Bygone Forest, in which many solitary spellcasters and hermits have built cabins, including the sorceror Finn. Small patches of forest are also scattered over Blink Plateau and Wizen Peak.

On the northwest shore of Melora is Seladon, the largest city for miles around. Nearby is the infamous Tower of Mystery.

To the east of Mount Mera is Palate Town, where our party members originally met each other. The town is surrounded by the Forest of Cric. Further east, past the River Rom, is a vast swampland, teeming with hags and crypts, as well as a village populated by lizardfolk. North of this swampland is the location of a dark, mysterious castle that only phases into existence for two weeks once every hundred years. Inside it reside Count Dracula and his horde of vampires.


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